Western Cape TV is television channel that aims at enriching the lives of people by exhibiting the visions of both individuals and organizations.  In  the fast pace technological arena television plays a fundamental role in broadcasting the new emerging technologies. Old ideas are revamp,  restructured and incorporated with technology. Western Cape TV (WCTV)  becomes greatest platform to showcase and publicize these innovations. The core business of WCTV is underpinned by tag line “launching your vision”. Whilst individuals and organization surge forward in building the society and empowering the communities WCTV becomes a vehicle to reach millions in short space of time.  Magnifying and unearthing existing initiatives is what inspires WCTV, hence the platforms is strategically open for all people from all the walks of life to come on board on broadcast the unknown yet good deeds that country, continent and world needs to know. WCTV is driven by an unquenched passion to create family oriented channel that also incorporated with sound  commercial aspect that empowers communities and country at large.

Mission Statement

The WCTV vision is to create growth platforms for individuals and organizations.


  • To empower people through Family Values
  • To showcase small business, functions and organizations
  • To unearth talents and skills and gifts
  • To attract tourists to Western Cape
  • To restore moral regeneration
  • To build a society through right content of production material


  • Courtesy
  • Ubuntu (humanity)
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Ethical
  • High Morals